Meet Our Team

Meet our Board of Directors, Business Directors & Governance Advisors. These are the people that run the WDBF.

Our staff are dedicated global leaders who strive to improve the sport of Dodgeball in multiple facets. The World Dodgeball Federation is always looking to expand its team. Volunteer with us and shape the future of the sport that you love!

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for managing the business of the organization. Directors are elected by the Membership, with five of those directors representing the Continental Federations. The primary responsibilities of the Board are to set the strategic and operational direction of the WDBF, and to work with Members, partners, and international sports stakeholders in the best interests of the sport of dodgeball.

Duane Wysynski


Pierre Corvellec

Secretary General

Hippolyte Koum

Vice President – Africa

Max Golda

Vice President – Europe

Radha Krishnan

Vice President – Asia

Brian Li

Deputy President

Armando Valdes


Diego Bertola

Vice President – Central and South America

Kelly Salamone

Vice President – North America & Caribbean

Reece Strong

Vice President – Oceania

Business Directors

The Business Directors work to ensure the operational needs of the organization are met through expert input and collaboration. Functions include managing communications and events, promoting inclusion, and ensuring the WDBF is adhering to WADA principles and providing a safe sport environment for athletes and personnel. Business Directors are appointed by the Board and are non-voting volunteers.

Sharmin Chowdhury

Director of A.W.A.D.

Marko Bilandzija

Communications & Media Consultant

Emily Clark

Social Media Manager

Darko Sarovic

Director of Medicine & Anti-Doping

Tamara Höfer

Deputy Secretary

Annika Jedliczka

Event Coordinator

Strategic Advisors

Strategic Advisors provide insight and expertise to the Board of Directors on a number of strategic and operational topics. Advisors bring wisdom and experience to the organization, and provide the WDBF with additional perspective when making decisions related to strategy and relationship management. These valued positions are appointed and non-voting.

Patrick Nally

Governance Advisor – Marketing & Strategy

Umang Dawn

Governance Advisor – Growth & Development