The rules of dodgeball – for all formats of the game.

Cloth and Foam dodgeball are currently the two reigning forms of the sport in terms of popularity – however there are more adaptations of the game. WDBF approved rules of dodgeball will be made updated and accessible for viewing here.


Origins: Asia
Ball amount: 6
Brief description: Soft, rubber coated foam balls, with a more tactical exaggeration in competitive play. Each team’s half is completely separated, with the rush on the right hand-side.
Primarily played in: North American and Carribean, Latin America, African and Asia Pacific regions.


Origins: Europe
Ball amount: 5
Brief description: Harder, fabric coated balls with an inflated inner bladder. Faster pace exaggeration in competitive play. Team’s share a neutral zone, with a rush on the left hand-side and contended center ball.
Primarily played in: Europe, Asia Pacific, and African regions.

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