Global Rankings

These are the latest country rankings seperated by men’s and women’s divisions.

World Dodgeball Federation Global Rankings
Date Updated: 11/10/2019
Approved by: WDBF Executive Board on: 29/10/2019

How Rankings Work

Global rankings debuted at the opening of the 7th annual World Championships. Included in the rankings are nations from the first ever African Dodgeball Federation Championships in early 2017. As continental events expand, they will be reflected in the rankings, as will international friendlies.

The WDBF will eventually release historical results and rankings.

The rankings are based on a modified Gonzalez system developed by our Director of Statistics, Zigmas Maloni. Click here to read all about the methodology behind the system.

Foam Rankings

Women’s Rankings

RankNationRankingWC Status
1United States49.462018 - Gold
2Malaysia48.572018 - Silver
3Australia46.862018 - Bronze
4Canada40.962018 - 4th
5Hong Kong40.182018 - Attending
6Italy34.952018 - Attending
7Mexico33.712018 - Attending
8Cameroon41.352018 - Non Attending
9Central African Republic38.652018 - Non Attending

Men’s Rankings

RankNationRankingWC Status
1Malaysia53.082018 - Gold
2United States50.162018 - Silver
3Canada49.452018 - Bronze
4Australia43.902018 - 4th
5Mexico41.212018 - Attending
6New Zealand39.162018 - Attending
7Hong Kong38.842018 - Attending
8Italy35.192018 - Attending
9Argentina29.372018 - Attending
10Central African Republic42.132018 - Non Attending
11Cameroon40.212018 - Non Attending
12Chad39.002018 - Non Attending
13Gabon38.652018 - Non Attending

Cloth Rankings

Global rankings for cloth-style dodgeball are not currently available. These will be posted as soon as possible.

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