WDBF Signs Pledge for Global Refugee Forum
Published on February 11, 2024

In November 2023, the WDBF signed a pledge with the Sport for Refugees Coalition (SfRC) and Global Compact on Refugees at UNHCR.

In January, we began work on providing equipment and technical development to refugee groups in various communities. We will also work to provide opportunities for enhanced skills and pathways, in and through sport, by working with local resources to develop high-performance programs for participation in international events.

On a broader level, the co-conveners of the SfRC, the Olympic Refuge Foundation, the Scort Foundation, and the UN Refugee Agency, are currently developing a workplan and calendar for the SfRC for 2024.

We are pleased to be working with the Sport Aid Network (Uganda), Sports for Hope and Independence (Bangladesh), and Peace for Development Refugees Initiative (Kenya) on programs to help bring sport and fellowship to displaced communities in Africa and Asia.

“This initiative means a great deal to me personally,” said WDBF President Duane Wysynski. “I am proud to serve an organization that puts value on the true potential of global sport – that of improving lives through fellowship, belonging, and inclusion.”

Wysynski called upon corporate leaders at all levels to support this important work. “I know that I have called on the business community many times – particularly the City of Edmonton business community – to support the work of the WDBF as an Edmonton-based international sports federation. Today I am calling for your support in bringing sport and activity to where it is most needed. If your organization can help us to send equipment or provide technical programming to our partner organizations.”

The Pledge focuses on Sport for Inclusion, and this initiative aligns directly with the core values of the World Dodgeball Federation.

If you would like to support these initiative by providing your time, expertise, equipment, or other support, please contact us at info@worlddodgeballfederation.com