You Already Know Dodgeball

We’re from your playground, in your gymnasium, on your TV, and on your mind. We want to see you on court and having fun, come join us!

Meet The Chaos

Multiple balls, multiple people, one court, two teams. Eliminate the opposition, win a point, rinse and repeat!

Adrenaline Meets Agility

Use every part of your body to protect yourself and eliminate the opposition. You must have quick reflexes, and an athletic body to compete at the top level!

Become A Part Of The Community

Meet a diverse and welcoming global family. Step on court and instantly feel like you are part of one big community.

Welcome to the World Dodgeball Federation

Dodgeball is diverse with players from all cultural and athletic backgrounds that play the sport in all its formats; Foam, Cloth, Rubber, Beach, Trampoline and Digital. The accessibility and recognition of Dodgeball is an integral part of why it’s such a fast-growing game. Dodgeball is the ideal mix of team strategy and individual performance, making it the youngest and most engaging sports globally.

Our mandate is to improve the game of Dodgeball, constantly promoting the sport with the principles of unifying, educational, cultural and humanitarian values and to strengthen the development between the national organizations around the world.

News Bulletin

June 30 – The International Day of Dodgeball!

June 30 – The International Day of Dodgeball!

The World Dodgeball Federation is marking June 30 as the International Day of Dodgeball! Member nations around the world will be celebrating the day, sharing stories and inviting those new to the sport to seek out opportunities to participate. Dodgeball prides itself...

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WDBF Named TAFISA ISO of the Month for May

WDBF Named TAFISA ISO of the Month for May

The World Dodgeball Federation has been named the International Sports Organization of the Month by the Association of International Sport for All (TAFISA) in conjunction with the Interact project. INTERACT is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union...

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2022 World Dodgeball Championships

2022 World Dodgeball Championships

EDMONTON, OCTOBER 25, 2021 – Edmonton, Alberta is preparing to host the world. The World Dodgeball Federation has awarded its championships to the city, which will welcome participants from August 28 to September 4, 2022. The World Championships marks a return to...

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7th TAFISA World Sport Games

7th TAFISA World Sport Games

We are halfway through the 7th TAFISA World Sport Games and there is still so much more to come in this year's program. The 7th TAFISA World Sport for All Games 2021 constitutes a celebration of Sport for All, Traditional Sports and Games, New Sports and Movement...

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Why Dodgeball is for everybody

Why Dodgeball is for everybody

Dodgeball may still be finding its feet as a global sport, but the game has a community appeal that provides a platform for post-pandemic growth. SportPro Media sat down with WDBF president Duane Wysynski to discuss how the sport has grown, where it is going, and how...

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Dodgeball’s transformative journey

Dodgeball’s transformative journey

WDBF President Duane Wysynski was invited to sit down with Inverse Magazine to discuss the current state of dodgeball and where the sport stands as an organized sport relative to its popular reputation. The article describes how, ahead of the 2017 World Dodgeball...

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Our Values



Equal treatment and elimination of discrimination in all its forms.


Providing accessibility of Dodgeball to the widest possible audience.


Open, honest, ethical, and genuine communication at all levels.


To see things differently and build our own paths within the world of sport.

Cloth & Foam

The Reigning International Styles


Origins: Europe
Ball amount: 5
Brief description: Harder, fabric coated balls with an inflated inner bladder. Faster pace exaggeration in competitive play. Team’s share a neutral zone, with a rush on the left hand-side and contested center ball.
Primarily played in: Europe, Asia Pacific, and African regions.


Origins: Asia
Ball amount: 6
Brief description: Soft, rubber coated foam balls, with a more tactical exaggeration in competitive play. Each team’s half is completely separated, with the rush on the right hand-side.
Primarily played in: North American and Caribbean, Latin America, African and Asia Pacific regions.

Interested in becoming a member nation?

Join our large and growing international network. Applying to become a member nation is the first step to growing the sport of dodgeball within your country. The World Dodgeball Federation has an extensive global membership, with development programs and major tournaments that member nations can take advantage of year-round. Before applying, check if your country already has a member nation that you can support.

Is your federation already operating?

Is your federation a registered non-for-profit organization?

Does your federation have established by-laws?

How many members does your federation currently have?

Is your federation recognized by your federal government? (NOC/NSA)